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Common defects prevention methods of foaming mold used in EPC casting

2021-05-13 15:50:15

In order to obtain high quality castings in EPC, it is necessary to have high quality EPC. The causes prevention methods of common defects in foaming patterns are introduced.

1. The appearance is complete the outline is clear


(1) Insufficient bead quantity, incomplete filling of mold cavity uneven bead filling;(2) the particle size of the foamed particles is inappropriate uneven;(3) the mold cavity

Unsuitable fabric structure;(4) Incoming particles are standardized during operation.

Prevention method:

(1) bead size should match the wall thickness, thin wall appearance, the application of small bead;(2) Adjust the structure in the mold cavity the arrangement, size number of air holes;

(3) when filling granules by hand, appropriate vibration manual help packing;When using compressed air spray gun packing, the pressure should be properly increased the feeding direction should be adjusted.

2. The appearance of bad fusion, loose combination


(1) steam heat, temperature is enough, curing time is too long;(2) the particle size is too small, the foaming foaming agent content is too small;(3) Uneven bead filling  the model is filled.

Prevention method:

(1) Control the density of pre-foaming particles control the ripening;(2) increase the temperature, time pressure of ventilation;(3) Change the bead with smaller particle size.

3. The appearance is normal, the interior is granular without melting


(1) The steam pressure is insufficient fails to enter the center of the model the cold air is filled with the cavity;(2) The molding heating time is short, the molding temperature is low, the mold does reach a certain temperature degree;(3) the ripening time of pre-emitted particles is too long the content of foaming agent is too small;(4) Particle expiration metamorphism.

Prevention method:

(1) improve the preheating temperature of the mold make it uniform as a whole;(2) improve the steam pressure, prolong the molding time;(3) control the ripening time development of particles the amount of foaming agent;(4) the use of plasmids.

4. The appearance of melting, softening


(1) the molding temperature is too high, exceeding the particle process specification;(2) forming foam time is too long;(3) Too many too big air holes in the model.

Prevention method:

(1) Reduce the forming foaming temperature pressure;(2) shorten the time;(3) Adjust the size, quantity distribution of mold cavity vents;

5. The appearance is enlarged deformed by expansion


(1) The mold is sufficiently cooled the temperature is too high;(2) appearance stripping too early, too fast;

Prevention method:

(1) Cooling the mold is hot;(2) Control demoulding time.

6. The appearance of large plane contraction


(1) the cooling rate is too fast the cooling time is too short;(2) the molding time is too long, so that the appearance of a large area of overheating;(3) the mold is overheated.

Prevention method:

(1) Control the cooling rate cooling time;(2) Reduce molding time;(3) put the shape into the oven (50~60℃) for post-treatment, promote its uniformity, do make to overshrink sag.

7. Local contraction of appearance


(1) Uneven feeding;(2) uneven cooling;(3) The mold structure is unreasonable the mold is properly placed in the steam cylinder, the part is directly facing the hot area at the steam inlet.

Prevention method:

(1) Control the uniformity of feeding;(2) Adjust the wall thickness of the mold the size, number distribution of the vent holes, so as to control the cooling rate make the mold cooling uniform;(3) Change the position of the mold in the steam cylinder to avoid overheating in local places opposite the inlet.

8. Protrusive surface particle interface


(1) forming foam time is too long;(2) the mold cooling rate is too fast.

Prevention method:

(1) shorten the time of forming foaming;(2) reduce the cooling rate of the mold put it in the air for slow cooling;(3) to ensure the mass of the particle.

9. The surface particle interface is sunken rough


(1) forming foam time is too short;(2) Violation of pre-foaming ripening norms;(3) the amount of foaming agent is too small;(4) The size, quantity distribution of air holes are unreasonable.

Prevention method:

(1) prolong the molding foaming time;(2) shorten the pre-foaming time, reduce the molding heating temperature, extend the curing time of particles;(3) Use dry particles phases should be qualified beads;(4) The size, quantity distribution of mold cavity vents should be reasonable.

10. Appearance peeling (peeling) micropore exposure

Cause: appearance mold cavity surface adhesion.

Prevention method: add appropriate release agent lubricant.

11. Deformation damage


(1) The working surface of the mold is lubricated even rough;(2) the mold structure is reasonable the shape is appropriate;(3) Insufficient cooling time.

Prevention method:

(1) Add lubricating oil in time to ensure the smooth working surface of the mold;(2) modify the mold structure, the slope of the mold, take the shape of the process;(3) prolong the cooling time of the mold.

12. Flashes, burrs

Cause: the mold is properly matched at the parting surface the mold lock is closed during operation.

Prevention method:

(1) the parting surface of the mold must be closely matched;(2) the flaps can be cut off with a beatknife polished with sand paper.

13. The appearance contains condensed water


(1) Incomplete particle bonding;(2) the water pressure is too high the cooling time is too long;(3) the foaming particles are coarse break hole when forming heating.

Prevention method:

(1) steam pressure should be appropriate when forming heating;(2) adjust the cooling water pressure time;(3) the appearance is placed at 50~60℃, oven drying room hot air in the drying process.



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