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Sand treatment department of Daosi sol Casting Factory

2019-11-21 12:18:53

Vibrator unit

This production line is equipped with a frequency conversion three-dimensional vibration platform with clamp type hydraulic clamping mechanism, which has high frequency low amplitude vibration characteristics. The theme structure includes: fixed frame, vibration frame, vibration motor, rubber air spring, hydraulic cylinder clamp type tightening mechanism, etc. main parameters:

Rated load: applicable effective size of 6 ~ 8t sand box: 1600mm × 1600mm × 1600mm supporting hydraulic station system includes: magnetic valve system, vane pump, transmission frame, filter, oil storage tank, hydraulic pipeline, etc.

Deluge sand adding device

The deluge type sand feeder is installed outside the sand storage hopper the three-dimensional frequency conversion vibration table is also installed outside the sand hopper. The sand adding method of this sand adding device is to use the belt sand feeder to add sand. In addition, the working range of the sand feeder can surround the sand hopper, so that the sand can be added around the sand hopper. The most important thing is to ensure that both sand adding vibration operations are carried out at the same time, because this requires the joint action of the deluge sand adding machine the three-dimensional vibration compaction platform.

Turnover mechanism

The mechanical casting factory designs different sand dropping methods according to the requirements of sand boxes with different structures. In the EPC production line, there are generally two sand dropping methods for the customization of mechanical casting: when the mechanical casting adopts the bottom sand unloading box, the sand box does need to be turned over bottom unloaded, other sand boxes need to be turned over to drop sand.

The tripper is the key equipment of the tripper sanding process. At present, there are three types of tripper: the electric hoist hanging tripper, the hydraulic tripper the simple support tripper. The manual turnover mode of crane with simple turnover support has strict requirements for workers, high working intensity, certain harm to human body in working environment. In addition, it is necessary to place a certain specification of crane in the plant occupy the plant to increase the input cost. The turnover speed of the electric hoist hanging turnover machine can reach 20 boxes / h, which is suitable for the batch production of small sand boxes. For the hydraulic rotary turnover box It is required that the center of gravity of sand box turnover box frame should always be in the base range during operation. Therefore, the equipment will have hidden danger due to the displacement dislocation of the work, it is safe reliable. In order to meet the requirements of large-scale production, the hydraulic rotary turnover box machine plays an important role in the production line of EPC design.

Sand treatment equipment

The functions of the sand treatment system of EPC are as follows: ① screen remove blocks powders of molding sand to ensure the good particle size of molding sand; ② magnetic separation of molding sand to remove metal impurities; ③ cooling of molding sand to below 60 ℃; ④ conveying of molding sand.

Sand treatment system consists of screening equipment, magnetic separation equipment, lifting equipment, cooling equipment horizontal conveying equipment.



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  • 13567493235


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  • Beside Matou station, Qiucun Town Fenghua, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province

    Beside Matou station, Qiucun Town Fenghua
    Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province

  • Beside Matou station, Qiucun Town, Fenghua, Ningbo

    Beside Matou station, Qiucun Town
    Fenghua, Ningbo