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Train accessories

Train accessories

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  • Release date:2020-06-08 14:46:14
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Advantages of EPC Process

(1) The size shape accuracy of auto casting supplier is high, machining allowance is small;

(2) Sanding is very easy, which reduces the workload labor intensity of sanding;

(3) There is no sand core making core making department in automobile castings wholesale, which avoids casting defects caused by core making lower core; (4) EPC adopts negative pressure casting, which is conducive to filling feeding of molten metal improving the structure density of castings;

(5) The product is of good quality, will cause various casting defects due to additives, moisture adhesives.

(6) In EPC, a box of multiple castings can be used, the technological yield production efficiency of the castings have been greatly improved;

(7) Surface finish of castings;

(8) It is cleaner, reduces the dust, smoke noise pollution, improves the working environment of workers, reduces the labor intensity, women workers can also replace the traditional positions of only men workers;

(9) It is easy to realize mechanized automatic assembly line production, the production line has large flexibility. It can realize the production of different alloy, different shape different size castings in one production line.



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