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Train accessories

Train accessories

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Deficiency of EPC Process

(1) Complex large castings, mold manufacturing is more complex, high cost, time-consuming, one mold one casting, more one-time investment;

(2) The design of gating system is strict difficult;

(3) foam pellet EPS can meet all casting requirements, has limitations.

(4) a foam pattern can only be used once.

(5) The process system is closely linked, the management of automobile casting manufacturers must be strict careful. wait

Key technology of EPC

There are "white area", "yellow area" "black area" in EPC site of automobile casting manufacturer. The "white area" is the site for pre foaming, molding drying of foamed plastic beads. It is called "yellow zone" for mixing, mixing, brushing (dip coating) drying of coatings. It is called "black area" for box molding, melting, pouring shakeout, casting is taken "white area", "yellow area" to "black area", all links are closely linked, each link has corresponding technology. main points.

(1) Manufacturing technology of foam mold

① Lost foam casting process design; ② mold design; ③ mold maintenance.

(2) Pattern making technology

① The pre foaming process of particles; ② mold forming (autoclave forming); ③ arrangement combination in pattern pouring system.

(3) Coating coating preparation technology drying

① Paint selection formula; ② paint mixing; ③ paint application, coating control; ④ coating drying; ⑤ waiting for the mold coating drying.

(4) Micro vibration solid modeling technology

① Selection of vibration table; ② vibration parameters; ③ key points of molding operation technology.

(5) Negative pressure pouring technology

① Selection of vacuum pump parameters vacuum coefficient; ② improvement of filtration technology; ③ selection of negative pressure range; ④ design of pouring parameters.

(6) Desanding cleaning

① The control of the open box heat preservation time of different alloy castings; ② cleaning, inspection warehousing; ③ analysis solution of defects waste products in time.



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